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Weapons-Grade Hardware

Custom-Tuned for eSports

optimized 45g of actuation force

STRIKE TE produces confidence in the form of quick and quiet keys – replete with precise tactile feedback – that reset at the perfect level and respond to an optimized 45g of actuation force. Tactile feedback increases your focus on the game, almost to the point that the keyboard becomes a natural extension of the hand, allowing you to concentrate only on obliterating the opposition.

optimized 45g of actuation force

Full Key Anti-Ghosting

detects up to 30 keys pressed at the same time

STRIKE TE reliably detects up to 30 keys pressed at the same time, enough to easily handle any modern PC game. This is a direct result of completely redesigning the track layout, giving every key the most direct route to the central processor. Extraordinary anti-ghosting technology is yet another standout attribute. Unlike many keyboards labeled as anti-ghosting, STRIKE TE frees you to press ANY combination of keys without producing phantom strokes. You won’t need to reconfigure the keyboard if you prefer the ESDF block over WASD, STRIKE TE completely removes the need to do so.

Full Key Anti-Ghosting

12 Programmable Macro Buttons

perfectly optimized reset point

Intuitive software enables you to simply drag and drop a command to one of the keyboard’s programmable buttons. Assign single or multiple keystrokes, complete with custom timings, to macro keys and then easily fine-tune your settings. This ability is essential for fast-paced games which require clear but complex multi-key actions. Each macro programmed using our advanced editing software can store up to 255 individual keystrokes, with precise calibration to within 1/1000th of a second. And, we’ve even done some legwork for you by providing pre-made profiles for over 25 of the most popular PC games.

Built to Last

durable metal frame

Competitive gaming on a regular basis has a tendency to make your gear deteriorate faster than normal. STRIKE TE eludes this potential by utilizing rugged build materials. The keys can endure over 50 million strokes, and the durable metal frame vastly enhances longevity. Build bases and command armies to your heart’s content – STRIKE TE can handle it all, again and again.

Flux interface

Conveniently Placed Shortcut Keys

Built-in shortcut keys provide the means to adjust media and backlighting without the need to open apps or programs. Easily pause or skip music tracks, tweak the volume, and alter backlighting brightness – all from buttons F5 though F12.

Multi-Zone Illuminated Keys

Not all backlighting is equal, and STRIKE TE offers the ability to individually brighten specific keyboard areas. Perfect for gaming in dim environments, you can assign distinct illumination to the main keyboard, cursor keys, and WASD.

Windows Key Lock Prevents Forfeits

Accidentally pressing the Windows key during an energetic match can result in losing rather than winning. Disable the Windows key by merely sliding a switch – yet another outstanding feature that solidifies STRIKE TE as the very definition of a tournament-grade mechanical keyboard.

Box Contents

  • STRIKE TE Tournament Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with 6.6ft/2m USB Connector Cable
  • Removable Wrist Rest

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows®: 7, 8.1, 10.
  • 1 x USB 2.0 Port
  • Internet connection for software download.

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