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Optimized for Samsung Mobile Devices

media at your fingertips

All-In-One Multimedia Controller

Rigorously tested to meet Samsung Performance Standards, the SURF R is designed to work seamlessly across all Samsung Mobile products. Ergonomically designed and feature packed - the SURF R also includes Expanded Navigation and Shortcut Features for supported Samsung Devices. With One-Touch Hot Keys, now you can access Recent Apps, Search your Phone for any type of content, Multi-Window View, snap a screen capture and more!

  • Dedicated Media Functionality for a Great Home Entertainment Experience
  • True Gamepad Controls for Controller-Enabled Games
  • Full QWERTY Keyboard Zips Through Web Browsing and Text Entry
  • Mouse Pointer Controls Your Onscreen Cursor
  • Extendable Handles Improve Comfort and Grip
  • Adjustable Smartphone Clip for Mobile Gaming
surf keyboard

Text Like a Pro

navigate the web and onscreen

Turn your Android set-top box's onscreen keyboard from foe to friend. SURF R makes obsolete the tedious hunt-and-peck method and helps you navigate the web and onscreen menus with ease. And when you've found what you're searching for, you can quickly type away with the device that's already in your hands.

Go ahead and control all your favorite media with built-in media buttons. With play, pause, track forward and back, plus integrated volume controls, everything is just a touch away. And, familiar Android TV keys – Back and Home – make SURF R an extension of your paired device.

navigate the web and onscreen

Always Ready to Play

Ditch touch controls

Time to switch to gaming? Don't bother looking for another device because SURF R contains true gamepad controls. Ditch touch controls for dual analog sticks, shoulder and action buttons, and a responsive d-pad. The low-profile design comfortably places all these essential controls right at your fingertips. Plus, a d-pad surrounds the left analog stick and action buttons surround the right stick. This all-new design is yet another Mad Catz innovation that helps improve your reaction time during gameplay.

Ditch touch controls

Easygoing Travel Partner

transforms your phone into a portable gaming console

Ready for some games and media on your daily commute? Then take SURF R along for the ride. A smartphone clip attaches your Android device onto the top of the controller. This transforms your phone into a portable gaming console, and simplifies texting, social updates and, of course, surfing the web. The clip gives you a best-of-both-worlds benefit. Detach your phone and it returns to being just that, a trusted companion that does so much more than dedicated gaming machines.

Easygoing Travel Partner

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