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Compact-Sized, Full-Featured

20% smaller

Console-caliber Gaming Performance

Get more out of your game with the Micro CTLR R Mobile Gamepad. Featuring dual analog sticks, responsive D-Pad, shoulder and action buttons, and three modes of play, the Micro CTLR R delivers all of the features you’d expect, in gamepad that’s 20% smaller than a full-sized controller.

Rigorously tested to meet Samsung performance standards, the Micro CTLR R is seamlessly compatible with Samsung Smartphones and Tablets. When connected to supported Samsung Devices, access Recent Apps, Control Media & Volume or Navigate On-Screen Menus.

20% smaller

Three Modes = Total Control

easily navigate on-screen menus

Three modes give you total mastery over your Android-powered content. GameSmart mode is for playing games and controlling Android devices like the Samsung Gear VR. PC mode gives you utmost control in games played on your computer. And, Mouse mode gives Micro CTRL R the ability to perform like a mouse and easily navigate on-screen menus.

Three Modes

Power efficient

premium Bluetooth

Micro CTRL R employs a premium Bluetooth chip to ensure power-efficient compatibility with current Bluetooth Classic devices. Courtesy of an integrated USB to Micro-USB port, you’ll always be able to take advantage of future firmware updates.

Built-in Multimedia Controls

A super-convenient set of multimedia buttons adds remote-control functionality. Easily start and stop playback of a movie, jump to the next song, and make quick volume adjustments.

premium Bluetooth

One Controller – Multiplatform Compatible

wirelessly & seamlessly

What if you could use one controller across multiple devices? Well, now you can with the Micro CTLR R. Mad Catz’ GameSmart products work wirelessly & seamlessly across a wide array of smart devices including Fire TV, Android-powered Devices and Micro-Consoles. Plus with built-in XInput Support, the Micro CTRLr plays great on PCs including Windows 10 and Steam Big Picture

Customize Your Experience

Get the most of your Micro CTLR R with the Mad Catz A.P.P., available for download free from Google Play. You can use the A.P.P. to check out the latest Micro CTRL R-compatible games.

wirelessly & seamlessly

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