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Console-caliber Gaming

premier controller

traditional gaming control

The Micro CTRL i Mobile Gamepad delivers traditional gaming controls for devices running iOS 7. Whether at home or on the move with the included smartphone clip, Micro CTRL i transforms your iOS device into a portable gaming console. Connect your iPhone to your TV with Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter* and you can enjoy an authentic arcade experience in your living room. Providing responsiveness that outshines controllers made for standard gaming consoles, Micro CTRL i is the premier controller for Apple devices.

Plays Nicely with Apple Products

The Micro CTRL i Mobile Gamepad employs an Apple-approved Bluetooth chip to ensure compatibility with most Apple products. Micro CTRL i is officially Apple-certified to meet or exceed their comprehensive performance standards.

Plays Nicely with Apple Products

easy Bluetooth pairing

multiplayer gaming

An easy pairing process will quickly establish a Bluetooth link between Micro CTRL i and an Apple device. Enable a connection by merely pressing the gamepad’s dedicated Bluetooth button and then tapping the Micro CTRL i entry on the host device. Accommodating full support for multiplayer gaming, up to four gamepads can pair to the same iOS device. And, four convenient LEDs grant at-a-glance player status.

Ideal for replacing touch controls with console-like controller functionality while on the move, an adjustable travel clip* can affix an iOS device directly atop the Micro CTRL i Mobile Gamepad.

*Minimum device width = 2.3 inches (58.6mm); maximum device width = 3.17 inches (80.5mm).
easy Bluetooth pairing

Power efficient

premium Bluetooth

Micro CTRL i employs a premium Bluetooth chip to ensure power-efficient compatibility with current Bluetooth Classic devices. Courtesy of an integrated USB to Micro-USB port, you’ll always be able to take advantage of future firmware updates.

Built-in Multimedia Controls

A super-convenient set of multimedia buttons adds remote-control functionality. Easily start and stop playback of a movie, jump to the next song, and make quick volume adjustments.

Extensive Battery Life

up to 40 hours

Courtesy of integrated Bluetooth technology, Micro CTRL i is extremely efficient at power conservation. Offering plenty of portable gaming power, the included AAA batteries last for up to 40 hours.

Micro CTRL i App Monitors Controller Status

Mad Catz’ downloadable application provides the ability to keep tabs on controller functionality. Once installed on an Apple device, just a few taps can easily determine remaining battery life. The application helps future-proof Micro CTRL i by offering automatic notification of over-the-air firmware updates. Also doubling as an onscreen controller health clinic, press a button or move a stick to visually verify that all Micro CTRL i components are physically fit.

Micro CTRL <sup>i</sup> App

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