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Immensely Versatile

More Features than Full-Size Gamepads

Synchronization is one of Android’s best attributes. Play on one device in the morning, then pick up, right where you left off, later in the day on a different device. It’s akin to an across-the-board pause button. LYNX 3 is absolutely ideal for this scenario. Play on your smartphone during the daily commute, and on your tablet during lunch

  • Foldable Design for Easy Transport and Storage
  • Ideal for Sports, Action, and FPS Game
  • Built-in Multimedia Controls
  • Ergonomically Sculpted for Comfort and Precision
  • Premium Components Rated at 1 Million Cycles
  • Includes Phone Clip for Gaming on the Move
More Features than Full-Size Gamepad

Simply Better than Touch

controls you can actually feel

Touch controls have their place, but let’s face it, they just don’t cut it for core games. Ever tried to play sports or an FPS using touch controls? How about a platformer? A mistimed jump caused by your thumb drifting away from virtual buttons spells instant death. Good luck with that! LYNX 3 solves all of this by supplying you with controls you can actually feel. And, certain titles even know when you’re using a controller and will remove touch controls from your screen.

Dynamic Ergonomics

Click and Go

console-quality feel

Playing smartphone games, with an authentic console-quality feel, is only a satisfying click away. Place your phone in the removable clip to regain some game screen real estate. Stop your own fingers and thumbs from obscuring your gameplay, once and for all.

Click and Go

High-Performance App

LYNX 3 offers flexibility

Tinkering under the hood is one Android’s best benefits. You can root around inside phones and tablets, so why not your controller? LYNX 3 offers the same flexibility. Our app feeds you setups tips and tutorial videos. And, a growing list of compatible games gets you right into playing. You can even customize the sticks and triggers. In an FPS, for example, you can set the sticks to be extra precise in the center of travel to improve aim, and extra fast at the outer edges for speedy 180 flick shots. That’ll give you a distinct advantage over players using ordinary gamepads.

High-Performance App

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