Precision Engineered

Built to withstand

Every RAT in the range is designed from the ground up to be built from the best materials and components to deliver ultimate customization, enhanced gaming performance and reduced fatigue over marathon gaming sessions.

From the entry level RAT1 up to the ultimate $200 RAT PRO X+, hundreds of hours of design, prototyping and testing goes into every part of the product. For example the magnesium alloy chassis of the RAT PRO X+ is cast in a precision mould to ensure that tolerances are perfect.

Ultra-reliable OMRON switches with an industry leading life of 50 million clicks ensure that even the highest Actions Per Minute (APM) gamers will never miss an attack.

Rat Pro X+
Swappable scroll wheels, thumb rests, pinkie rests and palms rests offer up to 2700 different physical configurations.
Revolutionary Scroll Wheel System – Introducing lateral analog strafe. Wheel pivot adds an extra analog axis enabling pinpoint precision. Hot swap wheels and adjust the rotation tension.
Ultra-reliable OMRON switches with an industry leading life of 50 million clicks
Magnesium alloy chassis that’s light and super strong.
Swappable Sensors – Choose from multiple Interchangeable sensor modules
Pro Slide Technology - Teflon and ceramic skis for a choice of coefficient of friction.
Titanium screw fittings and a carbon fibre thumb-plate
Super hydrophobic coating

Dynamic Ergonomics

Customize your RAT to enhance your playing style.

All gamers are different. You don’t have to worry about whether you have the right mouse for your preferred grip. Our RATs are precision engineered to be physically adjustable, so that one RAT can support all three common grip types


This style is referred to as the Palm grip due to the entire surface area of the palm and fingers being supported by the RAT. As the whole hand is supported, this grip provides reduced fatigue over long gaming sessions. Whilst this style provides plenty of precise movement control, reaction speeds may be fractionally lower than the twitchier fingertip and claw grips.


The claw grip reduces the points of contact on that RAT. It acts as a mid-point between the Palm and Fingertip grips. The gamers’ fingers are arched over the RAT, and the lower part of the palm supported by the palm rest. As a result, reaction times are increased due to buttons being actuated by only the fingertips, and with less of the weight of your hand resting on the RAT, movement speed increases.


The fingertip grip is the ultimate grip for high-speed twitchy response. This style relies solely on the fingertips of the hand as the only points of contact on the product. Without the weight of your palm on the product, you reduce all unnecessary mass that weighs the RAT down. Whilst providing the fastest response in game, it will also require the most practise to get the most out of the grip.

Kameleon RGB Lighting

Intelligent lighting control - 16.8 million colors

Take the RAT to a new dimension of customization with 3 independent RGB Illumination Zones. Fine tune your color and lighting to make your RAT the centre piece of your gaming rig.

Using the preset themes you can also control the speed of LED effects, such as breathing, heartbeat and color cycling – click on the icons and try them out here.

  • Rainbow
  • Breathe
  • Beat
  • Cycle
  • Solid

Flux interface

Powerful software to customize performance

RAT customization goes beyond the physical. Regardless of your preferred genre or style of play, every aspect of the sensor, button output and lighting can be tweaked to enhance performance.

  • Profiles: Create and edit unlimited profiles for all your games and desktop software. Assign complex macro commands with timing accuracy to 1/1000th of a second to any of the programmable controls.
  • Precision Aim : Increase or decrease the sensor speed with one button press, ideal for snipers.
  • Sensor: resolution, lift-off height and USB report rate can also be tweaked to perfection.
Flux interface

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Wired or Wireless Wired Wired Wired Wired Wired Wired
Sensor type Optical Optical Laser Optical Optical Optical/Laser
DPI range Max DPI-1600 Max DPI-5000 Max DPI-8200 Max DPI-12000 Max DPI-7200 Max DPI-5000/8200/12000
Lighting type Single Color Single Color Kameleon RGB Kameleon RGB Kameleon RGB Kameleon RGB
Lighting Zones 1 3 3 3 3 3
Main Button life 5 Million 20 Million 50 Million 50 Million 50 Million 50 Million
Macro Buttons 6 9 11 11 8 10
On-board memory - -
Profile slots/modes 1 3 4 4 4 10
Precision Aim -
Analogue Strafe - - - - -
Swappable sensor module - - - - -
Adjustable weight - - - -
Adjustable Palm Rest
Adjustable pinkie rest - - - -
Adjustable Thumb Rest - - - -
Adjustable Scroll Wheel - - - - -
Adjustable Glide Feet - - - - -
Chassis Material Plastic Plastic Aluminum Aluminum Plastic Magnesium
Weight ( - cable) 60g 90g 120g (max 138g) 145g (max 163g) 80g 110g
Cable Length 1.8m 1.8m 1.8m 1.8m 1.8m 1.8m