TES plus fightstick TES plus fightstick

Rise Up to the Challenge!

Release Your Inner Warrior

Dominate your opponents

TE2+ can help you become a better fighter. Pick up a stick after battling with a traditional controller and you’ll quickly experience a major difference. From the button spacing to the quality of the components, Mad Catz FightSticks amplify all the tools you need to crush your opponents. Durable, reliable, and primed for custom artwork, the SFV TE2+ helps unleash your very best combos.

Precision control

Genuine Arcade Layout

Premium Components

The Street Fighter V TE2+ uses the very same parts found in Japanese arcade cabinets. Sanwa parts are built to last and can endure the abuse dished out during fierce battles, and OBSF-30 action buttons respond with pinpoint accuracy. A Vewlix-style layout gives you classic ergonomics and full access to an arsenal of moves. And, the Sanwa JLF ball-top stick is the benchmark for precision character control.

Internal Access

Mad Catz’ Tournament Edition 2+ opens up for access to inner storage and components. Dedicated storage compartments give you space for your extra tools and parts.

Authentic Fighting Game Layout

Removable Bezel and Clear Top Panel

Add custom artwork

Easily swap artwork with the included screwdriver tool, complete with interchangeable hex and flat heads. The unique design has convenient holes that go around the action buttons. Now you can swap custom artwork without having to remove buttons or fumble with confusing wires.


Heavy Metal Base

Durable Foam Padding

This is no cheap plastic toy. A strong metal base increases the FightStick's weight for a solid, secure feel when draining your foe's life bar. Non-slip foam padding coincides with where the controller rests on your legs during lap-mounted gameplay. When a match's intensity increases and one final hit determines the victor, the last thing you want to worry about is an uncomfortable gaming weapon.

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